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US congress, Washington, district 9

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Together, we can make a meaningful difference for our families, our communities, our country, and the world.

Candidate Jeary Flener

​​My name is Jeary Flener and I'm committed to restoring individual freedoms: responsibly, respectfully, and rightfully.

As Americans we

have been given

the greatest

expression of

freedom through

our founding

documents.  The

question has been

and always will be,

What will we do

with it?  Will we

continue a trend of releasing our individual, local, state, and national liberties to centralized government, or will we pursue

blend with nature itself?

If you share my vision, I urge you to become an Ambassador and help make make it happen!

Jeary Flener

personal freedom and accept the responsibility of our free choices, respectfully pursue our happiness and recognize there are rightful, unchanging truth principles that   

"The greatest gift we have been blessed with is freedom.  How are you using your gift?"